Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Another Wicked

I just started this Wicked on Saturday. The first few decreases looked awful and I frogged back to the ribbing on Sunday and investigated a few different types of double increase. However, a useful book I've borrowed form my mum showed the increase as written looking lovely, so I tried again, paying more attention to the increases, and now I love the way it's working. This is going really quickly so far, quick enough for me not to mind the endless stocking stitch too much. The progress picture was taken on Monday morning, and I am now just at the point where the arms split off.


Kai said...

ohh that's looking lovely and i love the colour.. what yarn are you using?

geekygirl2007 said...

Thanks Kai. I am using Jaeger Matchmaker Merino double knitting. With a needles a size larger than the ball band recommends my swatch came out quite well for gauge. I had bought the double knitting by mistake, but I think it is looking okay.

The colour is slightly different in real life, a bit bluer and paler.

Christina said...

It's looking lovely so far, really pretty colour.