Friday, 30 March 2007

Rusted root finished

I'm really happy to finish this with no errors on the lace knitting at all for once. I've been knitting a year, and this is my most complicated pattern to date. But it's so well written, that even I could manage it. I used the brown sheep cotton fleece in new age teal, which is lovely to work with, and even nicer to wear.

I now need to decide whether to knit a second green gable with some cherry colour cotton fleece, or try the marigold pattern. Any ideas?? I'm always so indecisive.

Thursday, 29 March 2007

New to the Zephyr Style KAL

Hello all,

I am new to this KAL, but am very excited. So far (this year) I have finished three Zephyr girl patterns: Green Gable, Wicked, and Ms. Marigold. You can see pics of them under the 2007 FOs on my blog. I'm planning on starting Rusted Root on Sunday. I really enjoy their patterns and hope they start banging out a few more new ones since I'm running through their patterns pretty fast.

Happy to join,


Hello ladies!

Thanks for having me. I've recently put aside Wicked to finish up a capelet for my grandmother's birthday gift. And of course, it is now way too hot in Florida to even think of Wicked in wool. Soo, I've managed to snag some half price cotton fleece in olive green for Rusted Root. I'm hoping to knit like a maniac this weekend, finish up the capelet, and cast on for Rusted Root soon. But I tend to hope a lot. :P

Monday, 26 March 2007

Ms. Marigold

*Hello!* Thanks for the add on the KAL!! I was excited to see the group!

My name is Stacey a.k.a. Crimson Purl (come visit my personal blog!) :o)

I am starting on Ms. Marigold - has anyone knitted up this pattern?

I simply love Zephyr patterns b/c they knit from the top down and there is no seaming...I detest seaming! This is my 1st Zephyr pattern to try out! And my 1st time trying a sweater!

I have heard alot of people doing Wicked or Green Gable so I decided to pick something different, especially with spring/summer coming soon!

So because I hear so much about the 'ease' of these patterns I thought I would give it a try!

I am typically a "seasonal" knitter and figured I would try Ms. Marigold out to keep me motivated during the spring and summer.

I received my yarn online from and BOY! I saved my cost by half! 50%! Unbelievable! I picked a deep purple (eggplant) color that is 80% Baby Alpaca 20% Silk and it is just luscious!

Did I say it was just luscious!!

It is soooooooo soft!

Dilemea: The yardage needed for an XL size is recommended at 770 yards for 7 balls.
I ordered 7 balls of 763 yards........(each ball is 109 vs. 110). I wonder if I will truly need the extra 7 yards that I am missing? I wonder how much yarn is truly left over???

So of course I posted this lovely question on their message board on Friday night with no answer! *grr*

Anyway - What really attracted me to the pattern was the cute ruffles on top of the sleeves....well how about I am going to have to learn how to crochet!! >: That was not in the plan! I thought that was the whole point! But I won't dwell on that right now!

So I figured I would try to do things right and actually do my very 1st gauge! *gasp* Yep, I have never ever done one and never felt a need to before; but since this is a garment to wear I figured I better do the right thing and try my gauge I have a question:

The pattern said it should measure 4 does if I stretch it just a tad! :0) The question is that okay?? I didn't think it was that serious right? Figured I could stick to this needle size.

Well I plan to CO on tomorrow and will post another update soon!

Can't wait to interact with you ladies!

Saturday, 17 March 2007

Next zephyr project!!

Well, I hope I don't jinx myself by announcing this, but this evening I cast on for my next project, the rusted root top. This time I am using cotton fleece, in the teal colour. This one is going to take me a while to knit, but I hope it will be done in time for summer!! I've only done 10 rows, but am already up to 178 sts on the needles. I may need to buy more addi turbo bamboos. I even tried a new cast on from the Montse Stanley book - the twisted loop cast on.


Thursday, 15 March 2007

yippee. Managed to log in. got my yarn Debbie Bliss swatching tonight!

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Progress piccies

I thought I'd put up a few photos, as I'm having doubts about how the DB Cathay is knitting up. Below is the complete article, and it doesn't look too bad at a distance!!
Close ups of the lace section. My first lace pattern on a garment - yay!!
This last one I've upt up, cos this is why I'm not sure about the yarn, because it seems to be separating after I've knit it, not to mention during!!
What do you reckon, should I plod on with it and risk it looking a bit scruffy like this, or should I get the cotton fleece?

Monday, 12 March 2007

and now 3 of us!!!

I did my tension square last night, and after expert advice, I am about to cast on tonight in DB cathay in a purple colour on 4mm needles. Given my past experience with frogging lace patterns, I hope this one goes ok, but I've read the pattern and think I can manage YO, K2tog.

I've never done backward loop cast on either, but just had a go and think I've got it. Mine looks a bit loopy though, is it meant to be so? *feels a bit dim today* ;)

Thursday, 8 March 2007

Green gable progress

I'm all alone...theres noone here beside meeee!!! *ahem*

anyway here is my progress so far I have completed the A and B sections, and 10 rows of section C, cant wait to complete C so i can have my first try on!!

Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Sign up info

Ok anybody wanting to sign up please email me via the email in my profile, title your email "zephyr signup" so I know what it is about ;) then I will add you and you will recieve an email to join. If possible, please send me info about the project your working on, and a photo if possible so i know you really are looking to participate.

Obviously, photos or links to photos welcome, sign up is now open, and I will decide whether to close sign up at a later date.


Hello, I would like to introduce a knitalong dedicated to ANY of the wonderful patterns by the fab zephyrstyle team! I myself have just started green gable, and also have the pattern and yarn ready and waiting for wicked.

Info about how to join up will be available asap, onc I have sorted out all the gubbins!!