Monday, 12 March 2007

and now 3 of us!!!

I did my tension square last night, and after expert advice, I am about to cast on tonight in DB cathay in a purple colour on 4mm needles. Given my past experience with frogging lace patterns, I hope this one goes ok, but I've read the pattern and think I can manage YO, K2tog.

I've never done backward loop cast on either, but just had a go and think I've got it. Mine looks a bit loopy though, is it meant to be so? *feels a bit dim today* ;)


Lothlorian said...

backward loop is a loose cast on, I would just practice a little with it and take it slow with knitting from it

ContinentalCat said...

My backward looked a bit weird too, but strange enough it became better after I frogged my work down to one row!

YO, k2tog is very easy, and if you get stuck, we'll just talk you through it.