Friday, 30 March 2007

Rusted root finished

I'm really happy to finish this with no errors on the lace knitting at all for once. I've been knitting a year, and this is my most complicated pattern to date. But it's so well written, that even I could manage it. I used the brown sheep cotton fleece in new age teal, which is lovely to work with, and even nicer to wear.

I now need to decide whether to knit a second green gable with some cherry colour cotton fleece, or try the marigold pattern. Any ideas?? I'm always so indecisive.


Purlygirly said...


Susan said...

I'm starting my Rusted Root on Sunday. Your's is gorgeous!!!! I think that you could either try Ms. Marigold or Wicked. I enjoyed knitting Wicked a little bit more, since I'm not well versed in crochet (Ms. Marigold uses crochet to do the ruffles on the sleeves). Either way - congrats on a job well done. I hope mine is a beautiful as yours.


ContinentalCat said...

That looks great, and it is a lovely colour.

I'm with Susan, why not do Wicked? Although a Green Gable in a cherry colour sounds very nice as well... I can understand your indecisiveness!

Christina said...

thanks. I still haven't decided. I'm leaning towards another green gable, I can always get some more yarn to make ms marigold in the future. Although I can't crochet well either, so think I'd leave off the ruffles!!

Virtuous said...

I am biased since I am working on the Ms. Marigold right now :o)

Plus summer time is comng and it will be to hot to knit wool for the Wicked! I am saving that one for my fall project!

Keep us posted what you decide on!