Monday, 26 March 2007

Ms. Marigold

*Hello!* Thanks for the add on the KAL!! I was excited to see the group!

My name is Stacey a.k.a. Crimson Purl (come visit my personal blog!) :o)

I am starting on Ms. Marigold - has anyone knitted up this pattern?

I simply love Zephyr patterns b/c they knit from the top down and there is no seaming...I detest seaming! This is my 1st Zephyr pattern to try out! And my 1st time trying a sweater!

I have heard alot of people doing Wicked or Green Gable so I decided to pick something different, especially with spring/summer coming soon!

So because I hear so much about the 'ease' of these patterns I thought I would give it a try!

I am typically a "seasonal" knitter and figured I would try Ms. Marigold out to keep me motivated during the spring and summer.

I received my yarn online from and BOY! I saved my cost by half! 50%! Unbelievable! I picked a deep purple (eggplant) color that is 80% Baby Alpaca 20% Silk and it is just luscious!

Did I say it was just luscious!!

It is soooooooo soft!

Dilemea: The yardage needed for an XL size is recommended at 770 yards for 7 balls.
I ordered 7 balls of 763 yards........(each ball is 109 vs. 110). I wonder if I will truly need the extra 7 yards that I am missing? I wonder how much yarn is truly left over???

So of course I posted this lovely question on their message board on Friday night with no answer! *grr*

Anyway - What really attracted me to the pattern was the cute ruffles on top of the sleeves....well how about I am going to have to learn how to crochet!! >: That was not in the plan! I thought that was the whole point! But I won't dwell on that right now!

So I figured I would try to do things right and actually do my very 1st gauge! *gasp* Yep, I have never ever done one and never felt a need to before; but since this is a garment to wear I figured I better do the right thing and try my gauge I have a question:

The pattern said it should measure 4 does if I stretch it just a tad! :0) The question is that okay?? I didn't think it was that serious right? Figured I could stick to this needle size.

Well I plan to CO on tomorrow and will post another update soon!

Can't wait to interact with you ladies!


ContinentalCat said...

Love the yarn, that looks... luscious!

About the gauge: I would just knit a swatch and see if it stretches a lot. A little won't be a problem, I guess. I fitted mine yesterday, and the measurements of the pattern were spot on. I do the Large, and it was exactly the number of inches the pattern promised it would be - I use cotton, not all that stretchy.

So if your yarn stretches a lot, perhaps you should try a size smaller? The beauty of these kind of patterns is that you can adapt them quite easily.

Good luck!

Virtuous said...

Thanks CC for commenting so quickly!

The fabric does stretch a little bit so there is some ease to it.

I was thinking about bumping down to the large so that I wouldn't have to buy another ball of yarn online and "hope" that it is in the same dye lot with shipping costing more than the yarn!

I was doing the XL to give my "buddha" stomach some room, but I will definitely be sure to do the increases in that section!! :op

Which sweater did you finish in the cotton?

Do you have a blog too??

Thx again for the fast reply to my questions! ;o)

Lothlorian said...

I would think that small amount less in yrds will not be a problem, I would try and get as close to correct tension as you can though to ensure a good fit and shape

good to have you on board

ContinentalCat said...

You could try the large and see how it fits - a 'buddha' shouldn't be a problem, as you say, you can solve that by doing some increases.

I would just start with your size, or a size less, and try it on as much as possible.

Susan said...

The yarn is gorgeous!!!! I think a large should be fine, I'm a size large for regular store-bought clothes, but have often been a medium for the Zephyr patterns. Once you get to the stomach section you can just change to a larger needle size to give you a bit more room. I often change to a larger needle size at the bust and then go back down a size for the rest.

Hope this helps and good luck!


Christina said...

that's a gorgeous colour, it will look lovely :)

I'm actually a small size, but knit the medium in rusted root, so I can wear a camisole underneath. but I think my tension is always a bit on the tight side!!