Thursday, 29 March 2007

New to the Zephyr Style KAL

Hello all,

I am new to this KAL, but am very excited. So far (this year) I have finished three Zephyr girl patterns: Green Gable, Wicked, and Ms. Marigold. You can see pics of them under the 2007 FOs on my blog. I'm planning on starting Rusted Root on Sunday. I really enjoy their patterns and hope they start banging out a few more new ones since I'm running through their patterns pretty fast.

Happy to join,



Virtuous said...

YEAH!! Someone else who did Ms. Marigold! Welcome!!

Virtuous said...

GURL!! I know you! LOL

Where is your Marigold on your blog??

Good seeing you here too! LOL

Susan said...

My Ms. Marigold is at the bottom of the posts and also there's a pic on the right hand side under the "2007 FOs" section. I think you'll be really excited once you're wearing yours. It's a nice knit.


ContinentalCat said...

Love the pics of your finished ones, and especially the colour of Wicked. I'm definitely going to do that one after I've finished Green Gable.

Christina said...

Lovely patterns susan. I might make marigold next or maybe wicked - I can't decide!!