Saturday, 28 April 2007

One down, another cast on

I finished Wicked this morning.

Please ignore the slightly drunken look. I hadn't been drinking, I was squinting in the sun!! Honest.. *looks shifty*

Here is Wicked all laid out:

My sis tried it on as well and has decided that I will knit her one now too. This isn't as demanding as it sounds, as she's made me a couple of tops as well!!! :)


Made from Rowan Calmer in Cream. I used just under 4 50g balls to make this, so I'm really impressed with the yardage.

I fudged the stitches here and there as I realised that my gauge was way off. So I started with the 32"-35" size and then found that I needed to increase the sleev shaping to fit my chubby upper arms. So I moved to the next size up. A bit of swapping between the two sizes, in terms of length and sts decreased. It all seemed to work!!! :)

I'm a pattern follower normally, so to have to think for myself and make this work was a bit daunting. :-D

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Virtuous said...

Looks Great Kai! Especially for the summer!

Thanks for posting your FO!